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Ancestry Book One Release

Ancestry Book One is now available! Join us on an epic journey through a land filled with mystery and awe inspiring wonders:

Written and Directed by Dayn Leonardson

Script edited by Scott PhillipsOriginal

Music and Sound Design by Dayn Leonardson


Alexander Cole as Alokai

Boyd Barrett as Mikhal

Chris Jarvis as Clerk

Dani Martineck as Tarach

Drew Profit as Lucian

Eline Hoskens as Nari

Justin Fife as Gadeon

Karim Kronfli as Ogsim

Lauren Thompson as Tinarah and Saphira

Lindsey Leonardson as Paldira

Maxximillian Dafoe as Ophani

Mike Janson as the Dark Vireni

Nick Winokur as Laer

Owen McCuen as Borgin and the Creature

Robert Cudmore as Neph

Sarah Golding as Alia

Sara Taylor as the Light Vireni

Tanja Milojevic as Haliel

Zoe Embler as Lyvian

and Dayn Leonardson as Adimus

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