New Series Announcement

We're excited to announce our first co-production with Audioblivious Productions! An all-new production, called Surface. Here's the base concept:


An underwater research facility, ran by a corporation called Pheno Tech, focused its efforts on the development of self sustainable life support, in hopes of assisting in a colonization effort on another planet. One day, a large asteroid knocked Venus out of it’s orbit, sending it speeding towards earth. While the planets did not make contact, Venus’ gravitational pull caused the Earth’s polarity to randomize, altering its own orbit. This made the surface’s temperature dramatically increase and caused natural disasters to erupt on a global scale. In a last ditch effort to survive, Pheno Tech and its employees took to the underwater facility, forever calling it home.

Hundreds of years passed, and Pheno Tech flourished as a research facility, inventing new forms of advanced technology. The surface was forbidden, and no one had been there since the apocalyptic event that had transpired hundreds of years earlier. Underwater life became a societal norm, and it didn’t take long for a government to establish itself. It was simple. The ones who owned Pheno Tech, a family with the last name Parker, governed the society. A progressive system of learning was established, which abolished the idea of elective courses, as well as the learning of unnecessary skills. Children were tested at a young age and given predetermined roles in society. For example, those that were assigned a role as a doctor would study medicine, and only medicine. This resulted in a highly specialized society, with an even more defined class system. Some people were given demeaning roles, such as waste management, and were unable to change roles once it was assigned to them.


We're currently deep into the planning phase, and have begun the first draft of episode 1. More news will be posted once we progress further down the road. This concept was featured in a brainstorming podcast called The Roundtable Podcast Beware, this contains MANY spoilers:


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