The Fall of The Fall: The Rise of Ancestry

We are pleased to announce a massive overhaul for our production, The Fall. We relish in the successes of our first ever audio drama production, and more importantly, we've learned from our failures. Due to our inexperience and hastiness, our project veered in a direction that we didn't intend for it to go. So, after a long period of contemplation, we have decided to cease production on The Fall, and instead refocus on a properly planned out story. In this story we will follow the same story line as The Fall in a broad sense, but the world will be more immersive and magical. It will now be an epic fantasy, with a thought out world and magic system. We have brainstormed and planned our way to a fantastically deep and rich world, and we can't wait to show you around! Surface is well into it's writing phase, so get ready for even more epic tales!


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