Koach Studios is an audio drama production company based out of Madison, WI. In addition to audio dramas, Koach also composes original soundtracks and creates various sound effects from scratch.

I'm Dayn Leonardson, founder and head producer here at Koach Studios. I started composing music at the early age of twelve, but found that my real passion was on the production side of things. I have produced the heaviest of metal and the chillest fireside folk tunes, with just about everything in between. 



I have always conjured these elaborate stories in my imagination, complete with complex plotlines and characters.

It wasn't until autumn of 2015 that it occured to me that I should give audio drama production a try. Needless to say, I caught the bug, and now I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I have many amazing stories lined up for the future, so sit back, put on your headphones and close your eyes. It's time for adventure.